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There’s certainly a lot of choice when it comes to digital video and content creation.  We find ourselves in an age where anyone can own high end camera and editing gear with relative ease!

The true ART of the work will always speak for itself though.  An understanding of story through COLOUR, TONE and LIGHT that is a little harder to achieve.

The challenge is in creating images and sounds that serve the story and evoke the appropriate emotion.

Can YOU afford to take the risk when it’s YOUR commercial, film project or the brand identity of your business on the line?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!



Every relationship starts with a connection; a spark… and creative endeavors are no different.

Have a look around our site, we hope we strike you as a team you would like to work with, and if so, that’s awesome – please get in touch.

This is our language, and we want to share it with you to help you realize YOUR CREATIVE VISION.

With our finger on the pulse and a network of talented freelancers at our disposal we can bring writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, animators, colorists and  whatever else that’s needed to get YOUR MESSAGE across.  

YOUR STORY is OUR ART.  Welcome aboard, the difference is TALO FILMS.


Meaningful stories and films with impact start with talented people and outstanding production values.  Here’s who we are:

Simon jaynes

head of production

Simon started out in the frenetic, demanding broadcast industry in the UK and Europe. Since 2003, he has been immersed in the world of production, navigating through the fast-paced landscape with finesse. From orchestrating live television broadcasts in bustling control rooms worldwide to recent filmmakingescapades here in Manitoba, Simon’s narrative unfolds with an exhilarating blend of skill and creativity. His passion for production knows no bounds, as evidenced by his multifaceted roles as a DP, Director, Film Editor, Colorist, and Motion Graphics Artist. Simon eagerly anticipates numerous exciting upcoming projects, where he can further refine his craft and collaborate with like-minded individuals. An intriguing tidbit: Simon possesses the remarkable ability to play the trumpet (and virtually any “single noted” instrument) by ear, adding another dimension to his eclectic persona.

Tiago Mello

tiago mello

art director

Tiago’s role extends beyond that of a motion graphics designer; he is also an outstanding art director who orchestrates visual narratives with finesse and precision. With an innate ability to conceptualize and execute creative visions, Tiago ensures that every aspect of a project, from color palette to visual composition, aligns seamlessly with the intended message. His keen attention to detail and collaborative spirit foster an environment where ideas flourish and artistic boundaries are pushed. Tiago’s leadership inspires confidence and fosters creativity among his team members, resulting in productions that exceed expectations and resonate with audiences on a profound level. Moreover, Tiago’s mastery as an accomplished guitarist brings a unique dimension to his character, infusing his life’s endeavors with a rhythmic energy and melodic sensibility that resonate through his work.”


Micaella stone


Micaella Stone, a graduate in Film and Psychology from Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2023, has cultivated a diverse skill set through her journey in the film industry. Initially drawn to acting, Micaella has amassed over 12 years of invaluable experience on film sets, transitioning seamlessly into crew and editorial roles over the past 5 years. Her post-graduation endeavors with TALO Films have provided her with invaluable opportunities to refine her craft in assistant editing and DIT work. Beyond her contributions behind the scenes, Micaella is a multi-talented individual, with a flair for modeling and acting. However, it’s her sweet and awesome personality that truly shines, adding a special touch to her eclectic and bustling media life!



camera operator & VIDEO editor

Kevin McQuade is a master storyteller, deeply involved in every stage of production. With a wealth of experience, insight, and expertise, he breathes life into every project he touches. Kevin’s journey began as an ENG shooter and editor for newsrooms in rural Manitoba during the 90s. Today, he continues to thrive in the ever-evolving media industry, drawing from his rich background to navigate the brave new world of storytelling. He finds immense joy in collaborating closely with writers, cinematographers, motion graphics artists, directors, and producers on a diverse array of projects. Kevin’s work with TALO Films includes commercials, documentary post-production, and feature-length films.
Manitoba, Simon has worked as a DP, Director, Film Editor, Colorist and Motion Graphics Artist.




Samuel Fréchette, hailing from the French district of Winnipeg, Manitoba, intertwines emotion and authenticity in his storytelling.  Sam’s work reflects his peaceful outlook on life and is thoughtful and creative, much like his character.  His cinematic style blends creative filmmaker techniques with solid technological know-how, capturing lifes essence in every frame.  Passionate about environmental conservation and social justice, he dreams bilingually of one day using his skills to inspire change.  Through his lens, Samuel invites audiences on a journey of discovery, connecting them to the world in profound ways.

Lucas TALO Films shooter



Lucas started out as an Assistant Editor and Dailies Technician at TALO Films, working on a TV show about the legislation of Marijuana in Canada.  Lucas has excelled in live TV camera work and has transitioned into roles as a Videographer, Editor, and TV cameraman.  Lucas has also lent his talents to capturing the thrilling moments of sporting events, including those of the Manitoba Moose and other exhilarating competitions.  A solid all-rounder with a knack for bringing stories to life through his lens, Lucas is known for his fun and amiable personality, making him a joy to work with on any project.


Why Choose Us

Excellent quality of work using top-notch equipment. Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Every project turns out better than I imagined!


I have worked with Simon on a number of projects throughout the years. He is extremely professional and produces a high-quality product. To boot, he’s a wonderful person and very easy to work with! He comes prepared, is organized and always nails the vision I am going for. I would highly recommend!




“Working with this organization is a pleasure. They are exceptionally talented and very creative. I could not have asked for a better person to do my video. SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED!!!”


Over 100,000 Winnipeggers rely on the reviews of BEST IN WINNIPEG. We are honoured
to be featured on the BEST IN WINNIPEG website as one of Winnipegs best videographers!

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What is your story?

Whether you’re planning to create a meaningful documentary film, a video for social media, or a brand-boosting corporate piece it all starts with a conversation.  We've got this... We’re here to guide you every step of the way.  Let's connect to discover exciting new opportunities and find the tools to tell your story the way it should be told!